About Helen Althuizen

"I help people to reach their full potential"

As a coach, psychotherapist and organisational expert I help people to discover their talents and essential qualities. Thanks to my empathic understanding, knowledge and experience I am able to anticipate my clients’ wishes and needs. 

Instead of providing a quick fix to an issue, I guide people so that they can find the solution themselves. Using analysis, observation and insight, I set them on the course to self-awareness. If a client does not feel inhibited by their “issues”, I do not consider it my role to change their minds. I focus on those things a client needs to get the best out of themselves, to do that which they enjoy and which makes them happy.

Helen Althuizen is a dedicated psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and organisational expert/consultant with extensive knowledge and expertise. She frequently collaborates with company doctors and colleagues in her field. If you require further information or would like to schedule an appointment, please call: 06-5460 5978