• How can I manage a mounting workload? 
  • I am not fully appreciated in my team, and feel like I don’t stand out from the others in my team.
  • My superior has higher expectations of me, how can I best match these?
  • My co-workers often have a different vision from my own, how can I best deal with this?
  • I have lost my drive, and want to find a new job that suits my needs.
  • I am an expat and often feel lonely; could you help me to adapt? 

Find what you do best and develop it

Work-oriented personal coaching is centred around three important questions: who are you, what are your abilities and what do you need to fully use your talents in the workplace? 

Learn how to make considered choices and to capitalise on your strengths

Helen Althuizen guides your development based on your background and situation, helping you to discover yourself and your strengths. She establishes connections between your personality, your work and the interactions you have with those around you. You will gather insight into ways to further develop and utilise your talents. Helen Althuizen is a committed and dedicated coach with a thorough, solution-focused approach; this approach uses effective methods such as questionnaires and homework assignments. 

Common coaching goals:

  • personalised career advice;
  • improving your work-life balance;
  • dealing with perfectionism and learning to set boundaries;
  • developing skills or language skills;
  • personal development;
  • personal leadership;
  • functioning and communicating more effectively;
  • combining a solution focused approach with working in a team.

Besides her coaching program, Helen Althuizen offers psychotherapy and work reintegration programs in her home office in Haarlem. If you require additional information or would like to make an appointment, please call: 06 - 5460 5978