• Ever since my accident I’ve been suffering from severe anxiety.
  • I’m afraid to enter into a relationship.
  • I have low energy levels, worry constantly and experience sudden panic attacks.
  • I cannot process the loss of a loved one.
  • I no longer recognise myself, how can I feel like “my old self” again?

Revisiting the past so you can create a brighter future

Central to psychotherapy is the search for and the working through of emotional blockages from your past; clearing these blockages will ultimately allow you to make space for more productive feelings, thoughts and behaviours. 

Which emotions from your past are holding you back and how you can change this

Based on your specific question, Helen Althuizen systematically helps you look to your past to find harmful patterns that may be hindering your current personal development. She will analyse and make connections to issues and events in your present life,  allowing you to understand the impact the past has had on you and in doing so helping you to process it. You will gain new tools to deal with your emotions, and find ways to learn from the past and create a positive future. Helen Althuizen is an experienced and dedicated psychotherapist with a solution-based approach to therapy. She employs numerous and varied methods that have been proven to be effective, including psychodynamic therapy, RET, E Health (through Therapieland) and positive psychology.

Common psychotherapy goals:

  • increasing confidence, feeling safe and secure;
  • gaining a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour;
  • recognising and changing patterns of behaviour;
  • recognising negative emotions and learning how to deal with them;
  • alleviating feelings of sadness and other psychological complaints.

Besides psychotherapy, Helen Althuizen offers coaching programs and work reintegration programs in her home office in Haarlem. If you require additional information or would like to make an appointment, please call: 06 - 5460 5978