Treatment procedure

All sessions take place in the practice in Haarlem. A psychotherapy or reintegration session takes approximately 1 hour. A coaching session usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. 

Consultation meeting

Every program starts with an initial consultation with the same duration as a session (see above). Half-way through, you may decide whether you want to proceed with the consultation and any follow-up sessions. Should you decide not to, then the initial consultation is free of charge. Read more about pricing and any possible reimbursement of follow-up sessions.  

Offer or treatment plan

After attending the initial consultation for coaching or work reintegration, you or your employer will receive a proposal. If the program in question concerns psychotherapy, you will receive a treatment plan. The proposal and the treatment plan describe the problem diagnosis, treatment goals, action plan and (if possible) an indication of the duration of the program. You will be consulted on the desired frequency of further sessions; the sessions will take place at fixed times if possible.    

Code of professional standards and complaint procedure

Helen Althuizen follows the code of professional standards and the complaint procedure as set by the national branch organisation of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP) for coaching and work reintegration programs, and procedure as set by the National Association of Independent Psychologists and Psychotherapists (LVVP) for psychotherapy programs. 

Waiting list

The practice does not use waiting periods. The first consultation will take place within two weeks if possible. The initial consultation for the possibility of starting psychotherapy will consider your current issues, background and life shaping experiences. If the initial consultation results in the possibility of proceeding with psychotherapy, a number of exploratory sessions will follow to establish the focus of the therapy. The aim is to come to a specific treatment recommendation, or a reference to third parties; this could result in a reference to your general practitioner.