Work Reintegration

  • I’ve become partially occupationally disabled due to mental health problems.
  • I would like to return to work but am fearful of the accompanying stress and work pressure.
  • Something at work has hurt me deeply, and I no longer want to return to work.
  • I do not feel emotionally stable enough to return to work.

What do you need for a healthy return to work?

Are you on sick leave due to psychological issues? Using a thorough problem analysis and a solution focused treatment program, Helen Althuizen provides you a solid foundation from which you can return to work successfully. Using her wealth of experience and knowledge as a NIP-registered labour & organisations psychologist, psychotherapist and coach she has everything necessary to guide you in your work reintegration process. Guiding you on your road to recovery, all solutions will be carefully calibrated together with your company doctor to ensure they fit your and your employer’s needs. 

Regaining your balance and getting back to work with renewed energy

The first part of the work reintegration process is aimed at your mental recovery. As soon as you have regained your mental and emotional balance, the reintegration process can begin in close consultation with your company doctor and all those involved at the organisation you work for. The process involves tackling the goals and requirements you need to meet; Helen Althuizen will use tried and effective methods such as mindfulness and solution-focused techniques.

Common Goals of the work reintegration program:

  • regaining your personal balance (psychological or emotional);
  • becoming more resilient and finding your joy;
  • regaining the confidence to take initiative again;
  • changing unproductive emotions, behaviour and thought patterns;
  • recognising negative emotions and learning to process them;
  • gaining more insight in time management and the work process in general;
  • having a solution focused approach to working with colleagues.

Besides her work reintegration program, Helen Althuizen offers psychotherapy and coaching programs in her home office in Haarlem. If you require additional information or would like to make an appointment, please call: 06 - 5460 5978